Network View and finding stuff


I want to apply an effect to a layer, but when I open Network View all layers are one on top of each other in a stack.
I can’t get to the one I want unless I drag them and move them one by one around the place until i find it. At the end of which, I have an awful mess of a Network.

It there a way, a command, to ask Network View to organize stuff in such a way that it’s easily reachable?
I mean, the hierarchy of things is already there, isn’t it: pegs, parent and child layer, etc. It should know.
Is there a way to make this graphically evident?


On one of the top toolbars right click and enable the scripting menu.

Then 2 icons should appear which allow you do order the network up, or down. You can use those to organise network view and they have settings which let you reorder how you want.

hi TheRaider

that works great! Thanks! :slight_smile:


I have a related question. Looked for the answer in the guide, didn’t find it.
I managed to attach a motion blur to a character (attaching him first to a Composite and adding the effect to that).
But I don’t understand how to make the effect appear only in a portion of the film.
If I add a keyframe on the module layer and make ‘intensity’ to zero, the character disappears completely. If it’s value is one, the character has the effect in the whole movie.

Is there a way to tell a module to take effect only between certain frames?


When I set the blur to zero my drawings don’t disappear.

I think you have set your network up incorrectly.

This tutorial might help (although it was for transparency not blur)

If you post your network view I can give more specific help, but that tutorial goes over how to set an effect up. It should be between your drawing and composite.

Oh also you might want to watch my tutorial on adding effects to multiple drawings.

I added a new Composite, connected all my character’s parts to it, connected that to the larger Composite where the rest of the stuff is, and put a Motion Blur module between the two.

The module works when the effect is on, but, as said, if I turn it to zero intensity my character disappears.

Yes, I guess my Network is wrongly constructed, but I have no idea in what way.


Hey it isn’t you!

When I did my initial test I threw the first blur on I can find.

However after reading you had problems I made sure I used motion blur and zero intensity does in fact mean no drawing!

Have no fear, I have a solution and will make a youtube video of it now, cause I think it is a great tip! Will post it soon.

Edit: It is on youtube, but they are doing maintence so it won’t go live until they finish. You can check my channel cause it should automatically go live, but I will post a link when I get back from work.

finally youtube has put it up

Thanks for bringing this issue up and is interesting. I hope i explained why it happening(i can’t remember now lol). But it discusses a couple of options and ways to work with it.

PS Lilly posted a solution before me, but it went straight over my head until I played with the settings myself! ;D

You should have your character composite set to Pass Through. I wonder if it’s because it’s a bitmap that it’s having trouble there.

I actually think you might want to animate the number of frames in the trail, instead. If you have no frames in the trail, there’s no motion blur. The more frames you have in the trail, the more motion blur. Try that.