Needing a flexible X-sheet method for numbering

I have a pretty basic question regarding the use of the X-sheet. I’m using the numbering system that uses the camera dial numbers as the reference for drawing numbers. Odd numbers are put in first and represent motion on 2’s and any even numbered drawing indicates animation on 1’s. I usually work by working out the movement in 2’s and then go back and add in even number drawings where i want to smooth the animation.

My question is what do people do when they’ve animated a scene but then find that they need to extend a frame here and there? If you add in an extra exposure all the drawing numbers are now offset from the camera dial numbers.

I learned about this method in The Animator’s Survival Guide. It says, for holds just indicate the hold with a line and when you start again come back in on the dial number. Which makes sense, but (for example) what if I need to add an extra exposure to the first drawing of a walk cycle. If I add the exposure everything is now off by a dial number.

Does this make sense? I’m pretty new to the x-sheet and would really like to learn how to use it as a way to get organized, but this is issue is tripping me up.

Here’s one I know the answer to (I think)! If you select your drawings in the x-sheet and then go to the x-sheet windows dropdown menu, select Drawings and then Rename by Frame that will change all your drawings to correspond to the frame number they are on. I always find that’s the best way to number, that way if you need to add drawings you’re not dealing with a bunch of “14a’s” and “14b’s”.

Awesome! Thanks for the idea. The "rename by frame number "works pretty well. I’m thinking this is probably the best way to go about keeping drawing numbers consistent between layers.

Thanks for your help,