Need to reset increase exposure shortcut each time


I’m working since a few monce on a cintiq companion, and I bought a wireless keyboard without numpad. So in order to use the increase and decrease shortcut, I bin a new key like K and L instead + and -. But each time I lunch a new session of Stage the shortcut are reset, wich is pretty annoying … What can I do ? I try tu use another software to bin the key but toon boom dont reconize the change …

And I know it’s another topic but PLEASE can you add in all your software (I also work on story board pro) some préférence file for the shortcut, that you can export to bring with you. And to have different profile when there is different people to work on the same computer, because it very annoying to set all you shortcut each week, just because someone had to use youre computer.

Thanks a lot, théophile