need to convert QT to ISO for DVD

I can’t get most file converters to work right. Either it wont recognize my Quicktime movie at all, or the audio and picture go out of sink with eachother.

I want a Quicktime to ISO file converter that is high quality for a reasonable price (under $100). That is more geared toward converting Quicktime than other formats to DVD.

The kicker is that I own Windows, not a Mac.


Hi CraigSmart1234,

As far as I know, there is no way to burn Quicktime movies directly to DVD (with the exception perhaps of Apple’s DVD Studio Pro, although the file must be encoded to MPEG-2). You will likely need to convert your file to an intermediate format, such as AVI, then burn this to DVD using the authoring software of your choice (most support AVI to DVD fairly easily). Here is a list of DVD authoring solutions that might work for you, categorized according to their intended markets. Hope this helps.