need to build a team

i wanted to see af any of you would be interested in joining me for a worth while project.
if you live in colorado, that would be very good as in i prefer to meet you in person.for those that are serious, i can share information regarding the project and learn how to tackle the project as a team.


- David Barragan

Hey loved the quote about daytime dreamers. Im not an animator but am trying learn TBS so that i can hopefully make my dream come true as well.
Best of luck with yours and keep in touch please.
( maybe we should form a Daytime Dreamers League lol


hey carl thanks for the reply,
i indeed have been a daydreamer all my life aswell as a formadable artist but to be honest my life is fucked up right now. i am waiting to get deported back to my birthplace with every difficulty that goes along with it, that said this project is one of a few that i am proud of and wish to accomplish, i didnt finish h.s and i think that college is almost a complete waist of time…i belive that i have all the skills necessary to execute this project…i just need a little help.

my immidiate goal is to finish a short (or longer) and have it ready to be entered into a film festival sometime next year.
i am even going to purchase copyrights as soon as i get the money.

you said that you were new to toonboom right?
if you want to team up, at the moment all you need to be able to do is trace…since i am doing this animation in the rotoscope style. if you have other skills like writting or um…3d design even better!!!
my animation will be story driven and i am really challenging my brain and imagination to make it happen!

it was nice hearing from you. keep in touch.
p.s that day dreamers league sounds like a good idea
- David

hey David
watched your toon on youtube, that was funny.As far as writing I believe I have some writing skills. Im having a hard time wrapping my head around how to make TBS work though. I have a concept for an animated program that has been copyrighted. I have probably about 100 “skits” written already and a very ambtious opening intro. I have joined aniboom as well. My dream is to take on the so called " Animation Domination" but with a twist. I have characters drawn but am in the process of cleaning them up in TBS and trying to get the main character animated. I would look forward hearing what you think

thats real cool dude writting the story is half the work of any good piece of first toonboom was very daunting to me, in fact i had it for a long while before i decided to just attack it(i still think the pegs are a bit confusing!)after i completed the evil chicken bit for my sister i decided to devote all my time to my current project i wanted a more realistic animation so i decided to go with the rotoscope style, i am using a 3d program called google sketchup(its free by the way) to make sets and props that i incorporate into toonboom along with cinematic camera angles…besides that i also know how to animate the cutout character style and using all those animate tools.

if you are serious about this then we should definatley collaborate!
before i ever knew about toonboom my specialty was(still is) concept and design. and ive been eager to put together a team of entertainment developers!
im looking forward to you replay

- David

I wrote an article on the subject of creative collaboration and the virtual studio back in 2005. OVERCOMING BARRIERS TO CREATIVE COLLABORATION You might enjoy reading it.

Many additional tools have become available since 2005 so you can add them to your list. For example “cloud computing” using things like DropBox for file exchanges. Multi-user Wordpress for setting up collaborative web sites. Social media in general is new since 2005. The key is don’t limit your thinking to being local but rather think virtual. It’s all about cultivating mutual benefits for all participants.

Best of luck -JK

Thanks JK - TGRS,
that article was very informative, and i thing i will try out that private website idea.

sent you a private message but not sure if you got it

just got it. im working on the reply now, you should get it soon.

I use DropBox, YouSendIt, and post previews up to Vimeo or YouTube while work is under construction.

If you’re Mac based, iChat is a GREAT resource for sharing files and reviewing work in real time. You can even capture the meeting while you’re having it to share with others. Skype can be good, too, but it’s hard to see work in progress, unless it’s on paper.

Working with remote creatives is VERY easy these days - geography really doesn’t make a difference any more.

Good luck!