Need to automate ToonBoom tasks

I need to automate a series of simple ToonBoom tasks as follows:

Automation Task 1:
o Load a new vector/bmap drawing element - typically done by:
1. Creating a new drawing element
2. Right clicking on the new drawing element
3. Selecting the “Import Illustrator” menu item
4. Selecting the desired vector drawing/graphic from the File Dialog Box

Automation Task 2:
o Replace a sound/audio clip (.mp3 or .wav) and lip sync the new clip - which is typically done by:
1. Navigate to the desired Sound Element
2. Navigate to the beginning of the Audio clip within the element
3. Right click on the cell and select “Delete Sound filename
4. Right click on desired starting cell in the Sound Element and select “Import Sound”.
5. Select the desired audio file from the File Dialog Box
6. Right click on audio file cell and select the “Show Lip-sync” menu item
7. Navigate to Sound Element, right click on element label and select “Modify Lip-Sync Mapping…” menu item
8. Select desired element from “Destination Element” drop down box.
9. Assign any new drawing mappings and click “Ok” button

I’m aware that TBS provides shortcut keys as a key stroke and mouse click saving technique… but in this case I need these tasks to be performed totally without any human interaction.

I’ve looked into a few Windows based tools that provide “Record and Playback” functionality - however, these can be error prone. Also this must be done in ToonBoom Studio as we don’t have the option of using a higher end animation package.

Any suggestions or recommendations on how to accomplish this would be appreciated.



hi and welcome.
my first thought was a shell script to automate such complicated workflows.
but you’d need a shell programmer plus a bunch of tbs key commands to accomplish this.

Hi there,

there is also auto-it for UI scripting under windows:

For the first automated task, It’s already in tbs 3.5:

File => Import => browse and you’re done.

The appropriate element will be created to contain the imported assets (what ever type).