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Hello all,

Our forums are currently undergoing a change that may take a little more time to complete, so I thought it would be a good idea to set up a small sort of FAQ for common help areas in order to get everyone the help they need as soon as possible.

Problem: My pen does not seem to be working properly!

Suggestion from us: Please try opening Storyboard Pro, go to your Advanced Preferences and toggle “Use Qt Wintab Tablet Support” and then apply the change. You’ll need to restart Storyboard Pro afterwards. If this does not work, we recommend making sure all of your computer drivers are up to date and, if they are, uninstalling and re-installing your pen drivers just to be safe.

If that does not work, please reach out to our support team at for additional troubleshooting!

Problem: My license does not work correctly!

Suggestion from us: For any license issues, it is best to reach out to right away. They are best equipped to troubleshoot your license issues and contacting them for license problems is always the best idea!

Problem: I need help with some software best practices or I need help learning Storyboard Pro!

Suggestion from us: We have two excellent resources available to people either just starting out with our software or to people looking to learn more:

Our free Learn Portal at

Our 700+ member Discord Community Server located at

Our Community Discord also has special community members that will happily help you with issues and questions:

Community MVPs - Who are highly knowledgeable and skilled artists that can answer a lot of your questions!

Toon Boom Staff - Official Toon Boom staff employees from multiple departments who can also help questions if they know the answer.

Ambassadors - Artists who have used our software for many years and know it quite well!

Bonjour, Je travaille avec la versionSTBP 20 sur MAC, et de temps en temps, un petit logo apparait a la pointe de mon stylet ( un cercle gris barré) m’interdisant de dessiner sur le calque comme s’il était désactivé.! J’essaie plusieurs manipulations (changement d’outil; activer/désactiver les calques; etc) mais rien n’y fait!
C’est très gênant car je suis obligé de fermer l’application et la redémarrer.
Avez vous une solution?

Hello, I am working with version STBP 20 on MAC, and from time to time, a small logo appears at the tip of my stylus (a gray crossed out circle) preventing me from drawing on the layer as if it was disabled! I try several manipulations (tool change; activate / desactivate layers; etc.) but nothing helps!
It’s very annoying because I have to close the app and restart it.
Do you have a solution?
Thank you

I can’t find the license information. how many computers can I install a single storyboard license on? I put the program on a desktop computer, but I want to use this program on my laptop on the weekend (when I’m away). Can I put the program on my computer and laptop, but not use them at the same time? or do I need to buy another key for my laptop?

I had a crash on Storyboard 10. I can open all projects except my most recent. When I try to I get this error message:
Cannot open an empty project. Adding a default empty scene
-syntax error @line1
unrecognized attribute (<)
Any ideas on how to recover this project?

I’m working on a live-action television series, and the director has asked me to number the shots in such a way that indicates “Oner” shots with all the panels under one number rather than the way storyboard pro is doing it.

Shot#1 depicts a man running down an alley. He trips over a garbage can, gets up, and turns a corner.
This shot doesn’t have any cuts. What he wants to see is a series of panels indicating all the beats of this sequence, but they all must share the same panel number and they must be differentiated with letters ie:
panel 1A, panel 1B, panel 1C, etc.

Any help would be appreciated.