need some more help on bone

i did a work using bone. the figure i used is from side. in Drawing mode the leg of the figure is ok.( in the back of the body).
but in video mode both legs are visible from the front of the body. i used the “Arrange” Command. but it didint work. even when i apply the bone effect it is same. some one give me a hint pls.

I believe that you will find reading this tutorial on Rigging A Cut-Out Character useful in resolving your issue. Pay particular attention to the second slide show in the article where it talks about body parts on the same display level and how to utilize 3D space to overcome layering issues that can’t be resolved by using the normal method of changing their order in the track list. Hopefully this will help you out. -JK


The ordering of the elements within a skeleton is a bit different than regular cut-out characters (drawing elements and pegs). For more information, see page 268 of the Toon Boom Studio User Guide [F1].

Hope this helps,