Need some help beginner

I am a physical therapist who is willing to trade a physical therapy treatment for one and one tutorials. ::slight_smile:

I suggest that you start here and liberally massage your keyboard asking questions in these forums.


Dear JK great article thank you for the opportunity.

Keep asking questions , it is the best way to learn. -JK

I am just starting as I first stated and I have no clue on how to do this but I have always been curious to know how cartoons are made. Question # 1 is do I have to draw each sequence to be able to example have someone walk? Is a waxom bamboo fun tablet good to begin with when starting or do you have any other that you can suggest?

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

There are many ways to create movement in TBS. One way is by making a sequence of slightly changed drawings displayed in a sequence of frames. Another is to make a single drawing and animate different properties associated with that drawing (position, scale, rotation, distortion) using keyframes to record and modify those properties. Another way to create movement is to hold the drawing still and move the camera in relationship to the drawing again using keyframes to record and modify the position and relationship of the camera to the drawing.

Wacom tablets are all good products and the Bamboo is certainly useful in working with TBS and great for beginners. You get what you pay for so keep that in mind. An Intous is better than a Bamboo but they are both good products. -JK