Need some assistance

Hi, I’m new here and just recently got Toon Boom Studio 4.5. I am posting today because I am having trouble finding out what would be the best possible settings using H.264.

Information on my project:

Type of Project: 30-35 minute HD Quality 2D animation for broadcast & DVD
Medium & Style: Traditional Frame-by-Frame animation; Anime
Format: HDTV 1080 24p (1920 x 1080)
Frame Rate: 24fps
Extra Information: There are some dance sequences as well as fast pace fight scenes. Both showing heavy detail (major & minor). The environments and backgrounds are very colorful and vibrant as well.

My current export settings:

Export Format: Quicktime movie
Export Settings: Most Recent
Video Settings:
Compression: H.264
Compressor Quality: High
Bitrate: 9800 kbits/sec
Optimized for: Download
Frame Rate: 24
Key Frames: Automatic
Frame reordering: yes
Encoding: Multi-Pass
Video Size:
Dimensions: 1920 x 1080 (Current)
Prepared for Internet Streaming is checked.
Fast Start is selected.

Also, should I change the dimensions of my animation from compressor native to HD 1920 x 1080 16:9. Also, should I check either of the 2 boxes too.

Thanks in advance.


From what I can see your settings are fine. The only tip I could give you would be to avoid changing the format at the export level (resolution and frame rate).

If you want to change those you should do it directly in the project so you don’t end up stretching element which may no longer be of the same size/ratio or affect the pace of your animation.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

Also, when you say avoid changing the format at the export level, do you mean keeping…

Frame Rate: (Current) fps
Dimension: (Compressor Native)


Yes that is what I meant.



Ok, thanks again