Need music score? Composer available here, and animate cooperator

I’m a music composer, mainly film music oriented, and probably often my music is suitable for some animations. Would find it fun and interesting to score some animations. (Some nature or specific sound effects also available.) I also do some animations of my own in Animate (nothing big though yet) , but it means I can very easily develop a music score parallel to your animation work with quick previews etc for you to consider. I also have a studio with mixing and mastering gear, meaning I can deliver a ready made hi quality audio file just to insert in your project and you instantly have a complete movie to export.
Please feel free to contact for more info and demo examples:

You could also check out the site, not so many examples there though :-*

I couldn’t find any. Your site is hard to navagate and could do with some more pictures to break up the text.Could you provide a direct link to the page with demo examples?

TheRaider, sorry for your troubles but unfortunately, as I wrote, there are not much of examples on the site for the moment. Partly because of copyright matters, but there will be a short “potpourri” or medley coming up in perhaps 1-2 weeks, just to illustrate my most usual musical styles.However, if you do have some specific inquiries or needs for a project (style, emotional content, tempo etc), you could always mail and if they are in my “musical domain” I could send you a draft for a few bars and suggestion of orchestration.Best, Tino at:

Thanks, but I was just looking out of interest. When you said “not much of examples” I assumed there would be some.You can see some of mine at and my latest is on this video for my work[url=] too need to get more samples on line ;DBy the way, the fact you haven’t paid for a copyright doesn’t mean your work isn’t copyrighted. People pay for the copyright because it makes it easier to prove.