need information

OK i made a character but its really reaaaally hard to move his body with the drawing select tool is there a way to move his body with the camrea view select tool pleeeeeeeease tell me


Actually you don’t want to use either of those tools to animate your character. The drawing select tool is for positioning a drawing object on a cell. The Scene Operations select tool is used for the initial positioning of elements in a scene. (That means to set their relative starting position before the animation starts.)

If you want to animate an object / character then you want to use the Scene Operations transform tool (keyboard short cut 7). That is the primary key framing tool.

Try reading these two articles and see if they help you get a better understanding of the environment.

The Basics Part 1

The Basics Part 2

Then read this tutorial to see how to start animating an object like a ball. The Bouncing Ball

Hope this help you. -JK

Thank you for the help :slight_smile: