Need helpd with cutter tool

I’m working with Toon Boom Studio for the first time now, so please be gentle.
I created a character and would like to try a cut-out-animation. The User Guide says that you can use the cutter tool to trace a selection around the body part you want to cut. But if I use the cutter, nothing happens. As soon as I have finished my selection, e.g. around the head, I don’t see a thing. Shouldn’t there be a line or something?

As next step the user guide tells you to use the selection tool to seperate the cut out part from the rest of the body. But my selection is highly inaccurate (probably because the cutting didn’t really work). Instead of just selecting the head, I get a part of the arm and the body as well.

Any help is appreciated :).

First image: Using the cutter

Second one: Using the select tool. And I don’t even pull this tool so far down.

If you like, here is a short screen-recording…
(no sound, it’s fairly straightforward)

Thank you. Actually I think that I haven’t done anything wrong.

But I’m still having trouble to seperate the body parts ???. I use the cutter the way the screen-recording describes it, but the head won’t come off when I select it with the select tool afterwards.

Okay, it works now. Thanks again.

Sometimes an easier approach is to first draw your character as you have already done, then create a new element (layer) for each part you plan to animate separately. IE tail, left leg, right leg, left arm, right arm, etc. Then on the same frame as your original drawing but on the appropriate new element (layer) trace off the desired body part. (basically you are drawing a copy on top of your original) This lets you break the character into parts while still maintaining the original as a guide for assembly of your cut-out character. It also lets you fix the parts so that they will overlap appropriately in your cut-out. It is much easier in the case of working off of a drawing like you have done, than the use of the cutter tool and having to do a lot of cutting and pasting.
Hope this is useful to you -JK

To make your Lines visible, go to View (top toolbar) Show Strokes, or hit the “K” key…
With the Cutter Tool (4) do your cuts…
With the Select Tool (1) move your parts…
Hit “K” again to Hide the Strokes…


Thanks again to both of you for replying. That was really helpful :).