Need help with Tb 2.0 express

Hello Toonboom community,

A good 5 years ago I purchased Toonboom studio v2 express (yes I know it’s old and I should update) but I don’t really feel a need to buy a new version because I’m still on windows XP and the version I have fits me well.

My question is, when I go to export>macromedia flash movie, and then proceed to submit my art to (website where I used to upload all my art) the flash file cannot be found, matter of fact the icon next to the file doesn’t even look like a flash symbol, it’s a white box.

Again, I’m not trying to update, is there any converter of sorts that I can convert this into a flash file?


When you export a flash movie from TBS, you should be generating a file with the .swf extension. If you don’t have an icon for this .swf when you look at the file in explorer, chances are that you don’t have a default program on your computer set to open the .swf files. You can download a free player, or use your internet browser to open the files.

Make sure that the format this website is looking for is a .swf file.

Hope this helps,