need help with rendering

This January I decided to try out Toon Boom Animate Pro. After downloading the pre release version I tried out all great features, that weren’t in Flash. In fact they were so great started making my short film without worrying about how I’m going to render it. Finally, after 3 months I think it’s done. The problem is that the PLE version doesn’t allow me to render files bigger then 540x540 resolution and puts the Toon Boom watermark on it. But after so much work I don’t plan to waste it all. So maybe someone here can help me. I could send the files to the person willing to help me and he could render them and send them back to me. I can’t afford to buy the full version of the software, and I will not be able to pay to the person who could helps me, I could only offer him/her a “Special Thanks” credit.
Edit: Here’s the entire short film.

you can’t open PLE files in the full version.

There is nothing you can do.

Also your links didn’t work for me.

Here is the entire short without sound.
Is there really no way of rendering this. Maybe someone from Toon Boom can help me. ???

That was fairly good. I am sure it would be much better with some sound and music.

Toon Boom aren’t going to help you. They designed the ple that way so that people couldn’t do exactly what you want to do (design on the ple and render on the full version).

There is a way to render it, that is with the watermark and size restrictions as you have.

I am sorry you didn’t do your research but there is nothing at all you can do.

Ok. I’ll see what I can do. Next I’ll be more careful. :-[ ::slight_smile:

if you can’t afford animate maybe try toonboom studio?

I might try it.

As the others have said, the PLE is designed specifically for testing the software, and this is the reason that we can’t afford to let the PLE files be rendered in the regular software.

However if you are interested in buying the software, but you don’t think you can afford it, then feel free to email If they can’t get you a price that’s affordable to you, then they can at least keep you up to date on any promotions that are going on that lower the price.

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