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Hey guys

"Do you remember the good ol’ days of Cartoon Network? Ed Edd n Eddy? Johnny Bravo? Cow & Chicken, days where anything was possible and the cartoons didn’t talk to the kids like they know nothing?

Well at Jordavis Studios it’s our goal in our new series “MiSaDvEnTuReS” to make that a reality again, we know that it’ll never be as good as these shows of course but we hope through using ToonBoom Studios to capture some of the magic these great shows had in the past!

So first of all the show is set around the lives of nine kids, trapped in suburbia and trying to find something fun to do each episodes, in typical Cartoon Network fashion,Our official synopsis for the show is "The story of a group of kids who live in the same neighbourhood ‘Ardeer’, the stories are of their misadventures in their young adult life, school, acne, girls, friends, bullying, puberty and the lot! Like any group of young children there are various groups and cliques throughout, a group of unlikely friends, ‘the popular kids’, the outcasts & the band geeks! watch and see exactly who you’d fit better with! The show is a throwback to the glory days of cartoons like Cow & Chicken, Powerpuff Girls, Ed Edd n Eddy, Johnny Bravo ect!

we do hear the adults voices but we never see their faces, ie sometimes an object will obstruct it but we never get a clear view."

This is basically the brief for an online series I’ve been working on and to be honest I’m really starting to struggle, due to the lacking number of people I have to help me. I basically have everything set and ready to go, I’ve got my script writers and I working our butts off to get episodes done, we’re already on episode 8 with our scripts and each episode averages a run time of about 12 minutes 29 seconds (longer than ed edd n eddy and dexter’s lab on most counts), we have some very, very talented people ready to do our voice overs who through extensive casting and screening processes were hand picked by me and our other members for each character perfect for the part.

And this is why I come to you, I am really struggling with the animation. I am relatively new to Toon Boom (I have TB Studio 6) & I although I love it I really need help with it, I have the character designs completely finished, everything down to a tee is finished except the animation and this is why I turn to you, you wonderful animators and beg on my knees for help, this project is my baby and I want to make it as good as I possibly can and to do that I need people like you who can help me.

So please if you are interested contact me at:

I need someone who would be able to animate the episodes that I would be sending out and the character images and types to suit each voice, sadly as I am only a student film-maker i wouldn’t be able to pay you, but I’m asking if anyone would like to be part of our project please let me know, thank you.


Hi Davis,

Good day!

It seems that you are looking for someone who will do the animation part of your project.

We at Animation Outsourced Studios are offering our animation services whether it is for training videos, safety videos and other animation projects that you need to outsource.

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Miles Garcia