Need help with naming PNGs coming into TB

I am learning to use ToonBoom essentials using png art files drawn in procreate. I realize that the drawing tools in TB are really good, but I am used to procreate having used it a few years would love to use both in conjunction. Toon boom will not accept png files that have been named in the manner that the PC names things, so I figured instead of having to rename each individual png in a rig I intend to use for animation in the pc, (and we’re talking like 30 or so pngs per character) I just named each piece as I drew them. This made the process a bit easier and I was hoping it was a way around the mind numbing job of spending a Sunday morning renaming PNG files one by one.

Question: So after all that, the PC renames everything as it comes in, which means I need to spend another hour naming these tiny bits before getting them into the program. This is something I can do but just super don’t want to, and it will be a major strain on my workflow going forward.


  1. Is there a place in the settings where you can tell Toon boom to accept file names as assigned by a pc?
  2. Is there a trick with a pc in the settings or something that will change the way it names the files into a suitable file naming format? I am old and not great with machines more complicated than toasters.

Wow, I feel pretty frustrated, I thought I’d solved a problem and absolutely hadn’t.

Any help is very appreciated, thanks so much.

I have worked it out, so nevermind, thanks everyone

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That’s good that you worked it out , but it would be useful if you could you summarize what the solution was , just in case anyone else is dealing with the same problem and searching the forum for a solution.