need help with flattening

I’m new to Toon Boom and i have A LOT of questions…but the one right now that is seriously peeving me off is why won’t my pencil lines flatten into one drawing? I’m drawing the face of a robot and i want the eyes and mouth (they were drawn on the same layer, just don’t have connecting lines) to be ONE single drawing. I don’t know if the program is glitching or what, but its killing me…I haven’t even gotten to the networking tab yet…

Just to confirm, are you using Toon Boom Studio and not Animate?

Are you using a tablet?


you can group your eyes and mouth. CMD/G

but ya, i think by default you can select your eyes and mouth as separate items even though they are on the same layer.

i’m new to TBS myself too haha, let’s hope my answer is correct XP