need help with cut-out animation

I have a figure that I’m breaking apart but cannot seem to figure out how to paste these new parts into seperate elements in my timeline. I’m used to After Effects, Flash and Mirage. Usually, I create my figures into layers in Photoshop and import the separate pieces.
I’m working on a Mac G5, Wacom tablet.
I have looked at the Tutorial and read the manual. It must be something simple that I’m not seeing.What area I be working in, the drawing section or camera section?
Please help.
Thanks John :-[

each part should be imported into a different drawing element (you create new elements in the exposure sheet to the right in the program gui). you remain in the drawing section.

but you must be aware that your drawings are all vectors, otherwise you can’t edit them like you used to do in mirage. the bitmaps come into the image elements in the exposure sheet.

you can but import bitmaps and vectorize them, by right clicking in the drawing element’s frame in the exposure sheet and choosing import and vectorize.

Hi Rob,
That’s great news about vectorizing the bitmap drawings. However, I am actually trying to draw the figure using Toon Booms drawing tools etc. I like drawing the basic figure them using scissors breaking it apart and I was hoping that these parts could be exported into new drawing elements. The Tutorial and manual seem a little vague on this. It sounds like I need to use the exposue sheet instead.
Thanks, John

you can select the part of a drawing you want to have in a new layer, and then paste it into the parallel frame in a new drawing element (all frames are to be read in parallel rows in all exposure sheet elements). then another part of that character into a third drawing element, same frame number.

when you then switch the light table on (the light bulb icon in the onion skins area of the main menu or the ‘L’ key), then you’d see the whole frame with all its parts.

I am starting to get the process but I’m still running into problems.
I find that if I parent elements together parts disappear or fly away from the figure. Once again, does all this take place in the drawing section before I shift to the camera view. I 'm trying both but I think I am getting confused.
Best, John

When populating an element it is best to use the exposure sheet and drawing view, and when compositing or manipulating multiple elements use the time line and camera view. That’s the basic workflow. Drawing in x-sheet and drawing board view and compositing in sceneplanning time line and camera view. Single element work is drawing, multiple element work is compositing. -JK

before i say anything about the cut out animation process using the pegs (which is no standard workflow of mine), i’d like to point out that there are some threads on this in this forum, with all steps described. try to use the search function in the top bar.

uhm, sorry, jk was faster :slight_smile:

I do use the search area and read the manual. Usually, I can solve most problems using these resources I really like the scene planning and cameras in Toon Boom so I’ll stick with it. I teach fine arts and would like to start using animation and stop motion in my courses so I’m exploring everything. Each animation software I use has a totally unique set of procedures.
Once again thanks for the help.

Just keep asking whatever questions you have and we will all be glad to help you. That’s why we have this community forum. Toon Boom Studio is very good software and a pleasure to use and these forums certainly add to the experience. -JK

I have a question about element orders in a cut-out . How can you change the display order in a rig after you have already set up the parent /child hierarchy. I started animating and have found some elements are falling behind other elements when they should be in front of them. I have tried reordering the elements in the exposure sheet but I can’t move them. I’ve also tried arranging them but the option to bring the element(s) to the front are greyed out. Any help would be apreciated. I’d hate to have to scrub what i already have.


Using Toon Boom Studio 3.5 / OSX 10.4.8

In the Sceneplanning Tools select the “Select” Tool (6).
Select your object.
Either in the Properties window under Drawing change the Offset for the Z-direction
(the last input window to 0.01 or else for forward, or use - (minus) for backward).

Or hold down “Option + Command” (on the Mac) for PC I think it’s the “alt” key.
In the Viewport move the double-arrow up and down -
(your object will move either backward or forward).

Or open the Top View (hold down Option+Command or alt)
and use the up- and down-arrows on your keyboard.