need help: some pictures flip vertical from drawing view to camera view


first of all I wanna thank for this really well-made animation device. since I’m doing an animation for a really important art project, toon boom studio 4 turned out to be pretty useful. (btw: I’m not a native english speaker, so please don’t be bothered by orthographic or grammatical mistakes or a weird use of language :wink: )

there is one problem though: when I’m working in the drawing view and use the play button, everything goes just as I want it. but turning into the camera view or exporting the fragment of the movie finished by now with the “play–> preview movie” option shows a vertical flip of some pictures.this totally destroys my animation work done on these backgrounds: nothing fits together anymore as only the scanned part of the picture and the changes made there flip vertically. all the layers beneath and above remain the same.

I myself am pretty sure it has to do something with specific camera settings, which I might have changed unintentedly. but since I’m a novice with the toonboom studio animation software, I can’t figure it out myself. so I’d really appreciate it if you helped me out here.

I hope I posted my problem in the right thread. if not, please move it accordingly.

IMPORTANT: I NEED THE SOLUTION AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. my project needs to be finished soon, so it would mean very much to me if you replied in the next days.

thanks in advance for your help!


Hi Mahax,This kind of issue is usually related to the fact some of your element have a vertical scale of -1 so they end up being inverted. Select every of your element and make sure that in the properties everything is set to 1 rather then -1. If you can’t seem to find what is going on you can always send us your project at and we will try giving a look to it when we have time.Best regards,Ugo

hello ugo,thank you so much!! this really did help me a lot. now everythings back to normal. geez. the things i tried…and it was so easy after allI gotta say I’m positively suprised of the great support of toon boom! in case further questions arise, I’ll definitely show up here regards,mahax