Need help Scripting


I’m beginning to learn scripting for Toon Boom and it is soooo difficult to find and follow some course but I’m having so much fun find in here and there.

Here is the question, I’d like to know how can I cut a colour from the line art for example and paste it in the colo art for example.

I made the code to read the colours there are in the selected palette and create a dialog with them to pick up one, the colour you want to swap. But when I try to find the method to select that colour from the drawing selected, cut it, and paste it in another layer… I get lost.

I know there is already an awesome script which does that and more subtle things, but I want to do it by my own and I tried to read that code… and there is a lot of things which is generated with qt Designer and I don’t have it. I’m using VS Code. So I anyone of you could help me, I really appreciate it.