Need help Recovering.....Harmony 14 crashed

Harmony 14 crashed when I unplugged laptop from my Cintiq.

.xstage Harmony file disappeared.

Elements, Frames and Palette Library are all still there within the scene folder.

Is there any way to use the existing info to plug into a new scene file?


Contact support to have a look what actually happened and
if the project can be restored.

Where was the project physically located that you were editing?


The project was saved to my desktop. I didn’t move around any files, folders or rename anything. The xstage file just completely disappeared when Harmony crashed.

I can’t type the tilde character here in this forum for some reason
so assume when I say Xstage and Aux that these are each follower
by a tilde character…

Normally there’s an Xstage and Aux file which can be renamed
removing the (tilde character) to restore the last saved version
of the project.