Need Help Moving My Animate License

First off I apologize if I this does not belong here, or I am being impatient, but I need help getting my Toon Boom Animate up and running again.

I de-installed Toon Boom Animate from my laptop WITHOUT deactivating the Product Code from that laptop. I went ahead and tried to install/ activate Toon Boom Animate on my desktop and discovered that I cannot because the Product Code is already activated.

I have sent several mails to support and posted on the product forums but so far have had no responses there.

How do I de-activate/ migrate this license to my desktop-- I have no access to the software from my laptop due to the uninstall.

I have downloaded and re-installed it twice on my desktop without success.

I am a former Adobe Flash animator and only bought/ installed Toon Boom Animate at the beginning of Feb-2011. I used it maybe twice before I de-installed it in attempt to use it on my larger screen/ computer desktop.

- Bill

by the way you can have installed on both your desktop and laptop and just move the licence when you want.

Well the only way that you could solve this yourself is to re-install the software on your laptop and deactivate from there. Other than that you have to rely on the support team to do some manual manipulation for you, and this is usually done within 24 hours during the week.