Need Help: Inserting action into existing pan

I have a long scene in which a stickfigure runs through an obstacle course. I basically animated the character over a long BG, then connected them both to a PEG element and made a pan. That part’s fine.

Now my client wants me to add additional run cycles, obstacles, etc, in the action.

If I insert a walk cycle after, for example, frame 30, the original frame 31 and all the original drawings after 31 are positioned behind the new action.

Is there a way to select a number of drawings and just reposition them all at once by just dragging the whole group together?

I can’t do them individually because I am dealing with 250+ drawings.


Just to make sure we’re on the same page - you created a peg and animated the peg in order to create your pan? Instead of animating the camera?

When you say reposition the drawings, do you mean reposition them in the camera view, or in the timeline? i.e. would you like to move all of the frames over, or would you like to reposition the drawings in terms of front-and-back?

If you mean the frames in the timeline, then all you need to do is collapse the group in the peg so that all you see is one layer, the peg layer. Then select the cells in the timeline that you want to move, and you can drag them over. This will reposition all of the layers that are inside that peg/group.

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correct, I created a peg and then moved that peg to create a pan. I am not very good with the software, yet, so I thought that was the way to do it.

Is it better (easier) to work by moving the camera?

Also, even if i were to move the camera I would still be struggling with the issue of repositioning the drawings, which I don’t know how to do.

What I need to do is as follows:

I need a way to select all the drawings from (let’s say) frame 31 to the end of the scene, and drag them towards the East in the camera or drawing view. Basically, the character is walking, running and jumping towards the East as he is going over obstacles, and I want to insert a few actions in various spots inside the existing animation.

I hope I am explaining this clearly.

Can you help me?


Ahhh, okay, now I understand what you’re saying. Sorry for my confusion.

Okay so this should be relatively simple to achieve. Put a keyframe (F6) on frame 30, then put another keyframe on frame 31, and use the transform tool to move over the new drawings to their desired location. Now all the drawings that follow after will be moved over to that location.

Hope this helps,

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Hm, I see…

Before I do this, though…

Right now there is a peg element attached to the character level and the BG. That peg element already has keyframes. If I now add keyframes to the character level, will it create a conflict and produce unexpected (undesired) results?

Also, since you mentioned moving the camera (instead peg), would it be better to delete that peg, reposition the drawings like you said and then redo the entire pan with the camera instead of peg?

Which is better?


You should be able to keep using the peg. Moving the camera and moving the peg will in this instance create the same effect - if it were a more complicated move, and not a simple pan, then I would recommend adding a camera and adding a peg to the camera and animating the peg - but in this case, for a simple pan, it should be just fine.

Also, if you already have keyframes on the peg, and you add keyframes to the drawing, it should not adversely affect your animation. Basically the animation works in a hierarchy - so when you have a peg with some keyframes on it, then you add keyframes to your drawing, what it will do is animate the drawing within the greater movement of the peg. For example it’s like having a character that’s dancing on a train - the peg’s movement would be like the train’s movement, and the character’s movement is the animation on the drawings. So you can animate the character and still also animate the peg.

I hope that makes sense…

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