Need help improving TB 2.0 line quality on PC

I just transferred a TB (2.0) file from a Mac from work to a PC at home. The line quality was very smooth on the Mac, but on opening the file on my PC the line quality is now very jagged ( very much how it is in TB 1.5). I have tried enabling the Full Scene Antialiasing in preferences, but there was no change.I would appreciate any advice on how to remedy or if anyone can confirm that the pixelated lines are the norm for PC’s

When you’re on a PC, in addition to enabling Full Scene Antialiasing, you also have the set the Antialiasing parameters in the graphics driver.

Are you using an NVidia or ATI graphics card? There should be a graphics control panel for the graphics card. You will want to set the application antialiasing to 2x or 4x.