Need help exporting one single image

I am using my friends dads computer and he has Toon Boom Studio animation pro 2.I have only created on image but I like it and I wanted to take that picture home and use it on my photoshop to finish it.Is there a way to pull this one screen shot?If so can someone be so kind to tell me step by step how or point me in the direction to where to find this information. By the way I really love this software.

For Toon Boom Studio, you can go to File>export Movie. In export option, select format as Image sequence. And then select the option to set the image format such as TGA, PNG or PSD (Photoshop) file formats are common. Then you can export it in range (or 1 frame if you only have one image).

For Animate Pro 2, you should ask it in Animate Pro forum but if you want to export it as sequence of image on Animate pro, first, have writhe module in your nextwork view (by default, it should be already there). You can change the format of the drawing type and the pat by clicking the yellow button on Write module and then, File>export>Render networ. Or you can simply click File>export>Render networ and set the range of the frame to render. Then the rendered image will be shown under the saved scene folder/frames as TGA format. Little bit more complicated. Huh?

Good luck