Need Help! Export Errors [Win7 64b]

Hello i’m trying to complete an animation with alot of content in it and alot of scenes. But lately whenever I try to do an export of the whole movie to a Quicktime file at default settings, I get random errors. The error I get is “Unable to load the image file BACK-9.tga [E1010].”

Each time I try to export, the file name in the error box is different (I.E. BACK-9.tga or BACK-11.tga etc). I keep my scenes short in an attempt to keep cpu usage optimal. I have set my rendering options from OpenGL to Direct 3d and I’ve played around with all the other options, each time restarting, and trying the export again but still errors.

I’ve gone through all my work and deleted all unnecessary content and sketches and I’ve also replaced all the files the error box has told me cannot load. I’m running Windows 7 64bit. I have turned off the Areo Theme and am using a default. And I’m using Toonboom 6. I have been trying to diagnose this problem for 2 weeks and now i’m running out of things to try. Please Help!


Could be that your project has become very computer intensive, as you mentioned there is alot of content and scenes… Did you try exporting one scene at a time to see if it works? If it does, maybe you can string a series of quicktime’s in a video editing software like professional studios do.

For your future projects, you might consider limiting the number of scenes per project and then using the post production software as written above.

If you would like assistance with that specific project regarding the errors, please feel free to send it for testing at

i buy an expensive i7processor computer with 1.5 gigs of ram in video and 8 of ram, i am working with TOON BOOM 4.0 and all work great until i try to make 720 X 540 HI RES and up …it just can’t render the animations and provoques error messages or frezzing. It dissapoint me because i spend a lot of money and that animation is just 24 seconds with 16 layers in tiff images.

All works fine if i reduce the size of the animation to 540 x 420 pixels but i dont like how it looks that way. i lost a lot of details.

We need to see if it is related to the specific project or if it occurs when using TBS 4 on your computer environment.

Are you able to render out at 720 X 540 on new projects?

If it happens on the new project as well, you should try with the TBS 6 trial version. If it happens only to that project, you can send it to for testing.

I ended up having to Export each scene seperately and putting it all together in Premier Pro. Only problem is, Toonboom Studio 6 will often crash on nearly every 3rd scene so the process takes a very long time when you have 24 scenes and you have to restart toonboom after only exporting 1 or 2 of those scenes (takes nearly 15 minutes to load the project file back up).

Also Toonboom will often not save reworked scenes even after saving the file multiple times. So many times I have opened the project back up the day after making alot of adjustments to find none of it actually saved, even after pressing save after every adjustment or redrawing.

Hours and Hours worth of troubleshooting do not make Toonboom Studio 6 a good buy. Was very disappointed and alot of man hours of work have been lost due to all these bugs. I really hope the memory issues get fixed in some sort of patch, then using Toonboom Studio 6 wouldn’t be such a pain to handle.

Some part of me thinks it might have something to do with Toonboom Studio 6 trying to run on a 64bit machine?

Thank you for the feedback.

Sounds like your project was system intensive as it had many scenes.

With your next animation, you could try making one project for each scene to make sure your system does not get overloaded with the demand.

Toon Boom Studio should run on 64 bit as efficiently as on 32 bit as it only uses the first 32 bits anyway.

Please feel free to share any other comments you have.

Hi debbie, any way of rolling back to Toon Boom Studio 5.0 and seeing if problems still exist here?

Hi… Rolling back to TBS 5? I thought you were using TBS 4?
Please send me an email at

I will be able to assist you directly.