Need Help Duplicating a Cut-Out Character

Hello There,

I’m using Toon Boom Animate Pro 3 in my animation class. I’m trying to make an animation where two palette swapped karate men fight each other, in an homage to arcade fighting games. I have one character completely drawn, rigged, pegged, deformed, auto-patched and ready to go, but I still need his opponent. What is the best/simplest way, if one exists, to create an exact copy of a complex cut-out character model without tracing the entire thing? I’ve tried cloning the layers and using Library function, but neither of these solutions worked properly. It should be noted that “red_fiteman” appears on the Timeline view as a Master Peg.

Thanks In Advance

You need to duplicate, not clone the character.

It may be easiest to select the entire character and right-click to copy. Use the
“Paste Special” with the options:
Always Create Drawing Files.

Also make sure to check
Modules: Create New Colums
(so that you can move each character without affecting each other and also repaint the copied body parts elements).

Alternately for the colour you can use a colour scale module to push the colours in a certain direction for the copy. For example, add a black colour card to the scene. Draw character 1 using white or almost white colours. For the red character use a colour scale module to push the colours towards the blue part of the spectrum, do the same for the red character towards red. This last part can save you time in having to repaint anything.