Need Help ASAP. Imported Sound track on TB 20 goes silent after half of the audio (7/10/2021)

I have 5 mins soundtrack, it used to work at first but not the second time.
-Frames are at the exact exposure.
-Sound wave on and is visible in the first half or something but after a few frames it went flat

I tried:
•Restarting the computer
•Breaking down the sounds by 1+ min (still does this after 1000 frames or more)
•Using New Scene
•Turned play button on and scrubbing on
•Listening to the original file if the other half works (it does until the end but not when imported at TB)

I need help, because I can’t work on this project without the audio. I really appreciate the help. Thank you!

Hi ikang13,

Thank you for your post here to the forum so we can catch it,

If possible to help debug the problem, please send Harmony version, if you are on Mac or PC, and the wav file information.

I just tested a 12 minute file to double check. The file is 44.100 hz, 16 bit , wav I used Harmony 20.0.3 on PC and the file size was 7.54 GB (wav file) yes, big but tested it for you.

It worked after sampling and importing but yes it did take a while to import due to analysis.

I used the ’file/import/sound‘ method

Ok, let us know some more and will check back.


Hello Tim,

I really thank you for responding immediately

Your example and the file type for the audio helped me!

I am at fault here for not knowing the right sound file type to use, I used an MP3 file and got that result until I converted it into wav with the same hz and bit that you used and did exactly as you did and I have the file in perfect condition now, I’m using Harmony 20 on PC, 64 bit .
The sound wave is visible with the sound on now.

Thank you! this helped me a lot.