need help animating a scanned drawing

Hi All,
I’ve got a drawing that is basically a city with a cave underneath it. Inside the cave are stick-figure creatures that I would like to make fly around like bats.

I was able to scan my drawing and make adjustments to it. Now I’m trying to isolate some characters that exist in the drawing and animate them, but I can’t figure out the first step. I’ve scoured the manual and watched the tutorials several times. Can anyone set me off in the right direction?

I don’t know how to use the library or get anything in there, but I think I’m supposed to collect my characters and pieces in there. Am I on the right track?


Well if you drew the bats on the background you wont be able to animated then that is if its an image element. So you’ll have to make a new layer with the bats animate them to get what to want then in sceenplaning just composite them together.

Thanks Gridiron. I am now separating out the characters and putting them on differnet layers. It’s working perfectly.

Glad to help.