need export glitch help 911


i have imported photoshop files (png) via vectorize with texture-
one file is a backdrop and the others are files that blink on and off in front of the backdrop (to “animate” it).
each one has transparency (except the backdrop)
all the files are white with detailed drawings made of bold simple black lines (mouse drawn)

when i exported it to quicktime
it looked good but some of the blinking files w/ transparency had very slim very noticeable black lines here and there around them where the color met the transparency. this kills the illusion of the animation of the backdrop entirely.

i need to know what to do to fix this ASAP!!

i could reimport another way (i’m going to try bitmap after i finish typing this)

but i don’t understand why some work and some don’t

a fix would save the work i’ve done so far

ultimately i have timed every frame to match a soundtrack laboriously and hope to be able to export it to a file that final cut can read so i can line up the visuals with the soundtrack!
(toon boom wouldn’t import the five minute sound file saying it was too big and that i should cut it onto pieces)


look for my post in the general section for the answer to this.