Need big help with ToonBoom...

Hi Everyone!

So I know Spine software and I need to start to learn Toonboom but I have always been a bit intimidated by it. In Spine I built the bones and do the animation and although you can do that on toonboom, I also notice that you can actually move arms and legs without the bones, just bending them…

My question is how different is Spine from Toon Boom and can you guys give me a link on how to animate in Toon Boom?

Thank you


Thank you very very much for all the information. There is a lot to learn and I think I just need a lot of patience to go through everything and talk to people that know this software so I can ask questions here and there.

I really appreciate your help and hopefully Toon Boom will be second nature to me in a few months.



I just browsed through the Spine features and have not worked with it. From what I can tell, your knowledge of kinematics will be useful. Generally things will be more different than similar.

Toon Boom bases its software on methods used in traditional animation. Even a quick Wikipedia skim will prepare you to expect a digital equivalent.

As for learning how to use Toon Boom Studio here are a few links. Start with the most basic introduction and move forward. Even though you have experience with Spine and probably other graphic software expectations could get in the way.

There are also a few users here that are very experienced and generous that pop in from time to time.

(Nolan Scott and The Cubiclite come to mind off hand. Forgive me, there have been others but the forum software here does not offer any means to track down my conversations to pull up their names.)

The Cubiclite

Nolan Scott

Nolan Scott’s forum posts (I could not get a pure query for The Cubiclite’s)

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Many tutorials are done by users they are not professionally polished but useful. Don’t worry about having a different version. There is something from watching everything.

Part 1
Part 2

Part 1

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