Need an easy way to duplicate framea - same as animation-ish

Good day all

I bought both Toon Boom studio and Animation-ish.

I found a very useful function in animatin-ish where you can duplicate a frame just by pressing “D”, and then you continue drawing your animation " i.e flower growth"

But I got frustrated with toon boom studio to do the same function.

Could any one please help to show me how to assign one button to duplicate the last drawn frame?

Thanks in advance.

Hello,In TBS, go to Edit/Toon Boom Studio > Preferences > ShortcutsUnder the Element Menu, select Duplicate DrawingOn the right hand side, click the button under “click and press new key”(the button may say None if there is no shortcut assigned)Type your shortcut, for example ctrl +D (press ctrl +D)Note that if you choose a shortcut that is already taken, you can choose to overide it, but it is preferable to find a shortcut that is not assigned.Please post results.

Thank you. But will “Duplicate Drawing” gives me a totally separate drawing from the last frame. I mean when I make changes to the new duplicated drawing, will this do the same change to the original drawing too?Plus, your solution gives the “duplication” part only of the operation. It needs to be able to advance the timeline one frame as well.I think Toon Boom lack this feature, although it is very important to animators.Thanks

To accomplish the action which you are describing takes three commands in TBS. it can be achieved with three key strokes. 1st command is “Add Exposure” and the 2nd command is “Advance To Next Frame” the 3rd command is "Duplicate Drawing"These command can be accessed from the Timeline or the Exposure Sheet by right clicking on a frame on an element track and using the context menu. Or more easily by using three shortcut keys [R] is the short cut for “Add Exposure” [S] is the short cut for “Advance To Next Frame” and you can choose your own desired key for “Duplicate Drawing” ( I use [F6])So it becomes as simple as press [R] followed by [S] and then press [F6] As to your earlier question “duplicate drawing” creates a new unique cell that is an identical copy of the previous cell which means they are members of the same element but totally independent for modification. The process is: you have a cell, you extend its exposure by an additional frame [R] then you move to that newly created frame [S] and duplicate the current cell on that frame [F6] Not quite a 1 key macro but after you use this technique about 10 times it will become quick and natural and you’re off to the races. Hope this helps -JK