Need advice on managing a single multi-purpose camera peg

So yes, I do have the express version. Upgrading to full is inevitable, but it’s also 150 bucks inevitable, meaning it’ll be a little while until I can do it. So I’m going to get some final advice on how to use a single peg to serve many purposes in an animation.

I was told that with one camera peg, I could use it to pan across multiple backgrounds, sequentially.

Now, if I can have the camera pan across a background larger than the view of the screen, I can obviously make the peg path unstable for a needed handcam effect; this seems to be a given. So my desire for a handcam effect I’m thinking is in the bag.

However, what is the limit to how much a single peg is allowed to do, or rather, how long it is allowed to function? Can I really set a peg to move in a scribbled pathway with a 500-frame life span?

And, how do I have the background completely change but remain on the same peg the previous one was on? On the same peg track, is it possible for an element to instantly vanish and have its place be taken in-sequence? How do I do that?


EDIT: Oh crap. Steve Ryan’s tutorials were helping me a ton, but my link to the videos doesn’t work anymore. Did they move?

Well the fact that Express only allows you 1000 frames altogether (well thats what this site say…) i guess the camera can only use 1000 frames, then.

As for your background changing…the peg just follows the element. So say you have a background with just a tree on it from frames 1-100 then a background with a house on it from frames 101-200, as the animation plays in sceneplanning, the background will change on frames 101, therefore you’d do your handcam movement of the camera attached to the peg from frame 1-100 and then whatever else you want the camera to do on frames 101-200…if that makes sense. Lol im no good at explaining things i guess…but i hope that makes some sort of sense for you anyway.