Need a little help with PSDs... (Just like everyone else)

Hi guys,

Let me get right to the point,

I want to create supper high detail animation, to do this I’m drawing each “cell” of my character in Photoshop and then importing them into an image element in the exposure sheet. For some reason when I do this Toon Boom doesn’t seem to be able to handle the complex gradients and the cell looks like crap. I was wondering if TB has some sort of color depth adjustment or something?

I really like this program and would greatly appreciate any help, thanks.

hi luke and welcome.
try to experiment with various image formats for imported pictures. afaik the pngs are rendering quite good, although i haven’t done much in this direction yet.

there is not much you can do about image element frames in tbs, as they are (still :)) not editable.

The problem seems to be with transparencies. Obviously I can’t have a white box around my character cell, and when I remove it that’s when I get the gradient problem. I’ve tried all formats which support transparencies, I don’t know what else to do? ???

Hey Luke 86 - You might like to read another post which might explain what’s happening. I’ll link here: Section: General > Title: Photoshop
Hope it helps?