need a decent sketch pad for Windows?

Hi all,
I posted about 8 months ago in regards to my Bamboo tablet I bought and took back. It never would work that well. The advice I got from here was works for me or I know people who use them.
Too me that is not advice as much as a comment. I bought Animate and have never use it (wasted some money) Hoping this new post will help with someone else who knows something about this stuff…

I went and got that Bamboo sketch pad (medium sized one) and could sketch but never could access most of the menu or buttons to switch between brushes and what not.
(My Bamboo medium sized pad would not allow me to use my whole computer screen before the stylus would run off the pad and I am only half way across my monitor)
When I would sketch and run my stylus down I would run out of sketch area on the pad before I could get to the bottom of the screen where my story line was or to switch a tool.
Yes I updated drivers and so on with no luck-Returned it and have never opened it again. I have an educational cartoon I want to get rolling on but have yet to find the right or easy enough pad to sketch with to find other hassles with the software to deal with…
Please let me know what sketch pad will allow one to sketch with Animate and have access to the whole screen or be calibrated enough to use the whole screen and its icons without running out of pad with the stylus pen.

I use Windows XP and have Animate–my monitor is 20" if that matters? It seemed to make a difference when using the stylus to access the programs buttons and options. Going back and forth with the mouse to toggle stuff/

It sounds like you need to learn how to set your Wacom tablet up by using those Wacom Drivers.

I am on a Mac, and I go to my System Preferences and then open the Wacom Tablet settings. From there you have to set up your Pen, Eraser, Functions and the Mapping.

I have a dual monitor setup and I can have the screen area of my Wacom cover both monitors, just one monitor, a portion of one monitor, etc.

Likewise the buttons, you have to set it up. It doesn’t do anything automatically. You can even set up different applications so that they all have different Wacom settings.

I have an Intuos tablet but I have seen the Bamboo manual and all of those settings are in there for you.

It may seem harsh but you really do have to read the manual and just get to it. There is trial and error and it does take time to get familiar with the Wacom but it does work but not automatically, you have to put in the effort.


Thank you, I will go and buy it and try it again. Maybe after I get it right I will make a youtube demo video for people like me? You would think they could write software that can do that for a user, instead the user having to have a degree in code to make things sinc up. Appreciate your advice,

There are quite a bit of Wacom videos on Youtube.

Here is one that specifically talks about mapping the Bamboo tablet to the monitor.


I wonder if there are some video tutorials on the Wacom site that help you with the configuration of their hardware?