Need a bit of help

i just found out my pc isn’t compatible with toon boom studio. i can’t upgrade the graphics card because of it’s make/model(er i’m not a techie…)
so i’m stuck getting a new computer

this is the one i’m looking at(i’m not the richest person in the world)

i know it meets the ram specifications and the resolutions and everything. what i need to know is if you know anything about it’s graphics card
i tried looking it up trying to find if it’s good for this program(i couldn’t find anything here but i may have over looked) and when i looked up the graphics card only only things about gaming came up.

if you can tell me if this computer is good or recommend one that is(up to $250-300) that’d be appreciated

The AMD Radeon HD 8210 that comes with that system is not very good. Animation and gaming require similar graphic cards so a good gaming system will also be a good animating system.

For the hardware requirements for TBS using a single monitor:

If you use two monitors, the resources from the card will be cut in half.
Also the minimum listed in the tech specs is a bit on the low side, you should attempt to exceed the graphic card specs listed if at all possible.

What graphics card is in your current system?

What are the other specs of your current system?

I am just curious to see whether having someone upgrade that would put you in a better place than buying another computer.

I am not up on the latest PC technology.

I know more about Macs.

That laptop in your link seems like it would be sufficient for word processing at least. Most comparisons and evaluations online use gaming as a litmus test. This does not translate evenly to graphic design software and to Toon Boom software specifically. That laptop’s card is abysmal in that realm.

I use a system that does not meet the minimum Mac requirement but it runs Animate Pro 3 good enough so far and that better than it runs Studio 7.

If something can run the software at all I think the Animate level and above is more efficient with resources given their features compared to Studio.

I have to allow the graphics card more time to refine with Studio. If I draw without pausing so the antialiasing can complete it gets increasingly slow.