Navigate without deselecting layer?

I use A and F to shuttle between my frames which all have various layers. If I am working on “c” vector layer, but I shuttle to a frame that has no such layer, then when I return to the frame I want to work on, the “c” is deselected, and I have to activate it to continue drawing, greatly interrupting my flow.

Is there a way to shuttle between frames that may or may not have my current working-layer without losing my layer selection?

My workaround for now is to make sure every layer is in every frame. This seems like overkill.


Thanks rkriz! I’ll use the “Smart Add Panel” in the future.

The best solution to not losing focus on a specific layer as you are shuttling is to make sure that this layer name exists on every panel (whether there is an image or not). The “Smart Add Panel” feature is specifically designed for this.

It may seem like overkill but this is necessary because of the way that the window focus works in the software. The focus on the object can only be maintained if there is no break away from the thing being focused on. This is also why some undo operations break the focus and require you to re-select again.

So what it really boils down to is, is it more effort to use “smart add panel” or to click back on the layer as you are shuttling. It depends on your workflow.