Natural Pencil Feel-Texture Brushes Question

So I see toonboom can do texture brushes, how would I go about setting the brush to mimic traditional pencil feel? Do i need to download a texture?

A texture is a pattern it has no tactile feeling to it. For example you could have a metal texture or a brick texture or plaid cloth texture or a burlap sack texture all created from bit mapped images. The feel of the brush is set by the pressure and tilt sensitivity of your Wacom tablet preferences. -JK

thanks for reply, it sounds like your explaining to me what a texture is, im not really sure if thats what ur saying or not? Maybe I misunderstand?

My question was how would I go about setting up my brush to feel more like pencil using textures, similar to how digital pro or animate has this feature in their brush presets using textures. But I do thank you for your help : )

In the color palette, create new color (+), right click on the swatch, this open a menu: click on color,add texture.
Browse a pencil texture (jpg, png, psd and others) and import it.
Draw with a brush tool and the pencil texture will be loaded filling the brush line.
If the texture image has the white zone as alpha channel (psd transparent background or other format that support transparency) the pencil effect may be more realistic, because other colors an forms can be seen behind it. You can modify the texture angle an size with Edit Texture menu button and copy an paste texture mapping on others brush lines.
Use a texture image size according with your project size. Yoryo.