Naming Drawings and Frame Rates

Hi there, two questions:Is there a way to rename drawings while I am capturing them? I can name the first drawing from the capture palette but then it gets “locked” and won’t let me type in new names after that. I have to rename drawings in the X-Sheet after I capture them. Not a big issue, but it would save me heaps of time.The bigger questions is frame rate- I’m trying to work at 30 fps but the program seems to be in love with 24 fps. It reverts to 24 every time I open the saved project, and it refuses to export quicktime movies in 30 fps even when I type that in the export settings. Interestingly, it will export a swf in 30 fps. Is there another setting or switch I’ve neglected to turn on? Thanks!

One way that you could name the drawings is to name them all first in the XSheet, before capturing.

For the frame rate, you need to adjust the frame rate on the whole project globally. Go to Scene > Scene Settings, and adjust the FPS here from 24 to 30.