N00b question

Hey Peeps,

I am 100% new to Harmony (and Toonboom in general), my only experience in the past being Macromedia Flash.

I am using some online video tutorials to try and get started, but right off the bad I’m having some issues, where Harmony on my machine does not appear to be behaving the same as it does in the tutorials.

I have imported an image to a layer. I want to create a new layer now so that I can sketch an outline of the image - in other words, I am using the image as a guide. This is what Jon Taylor does in his “Minion” tutorials, so it is what I am trying to do. However, already there is a problem. In the tutorial, when Jon makes a new layer above the old one, the old one simply fades into the background, but it is still visible. On my machine, once I select a new layer, the old layer disappears completely until selected. Doesn’t matter whether or not the layer is set to being visible, this just happens no matter what. I’ve set exposure on both layers so that they should both be visible in frame 1.

I haven’t even gotten to the complicated stuff yet - I am literally just trying to draw my first thing.

Can someone help a poor n00b out and tell me the obvious thing I need to do so that I can actually view multiple layers at once? I’ve looked through the documentation and don’t see anything indicating that this should even be a problem.

Also, if there is a better place to post dumb questions like this for absolute beginners, please let me know and I’ll ask questions there from now on.

Thank you so much for any help!

Ok, after much experimentation I figured it out. I needed to switch from the drawing view, which was focused exclusively on the layer, to the camera view, which showed all layers.

Off to a goooooooooooooooood start here.

This is hard to figure out. Im having issue where my drawing disappears on every frame of the timeline except the first so I have to continually copy paste in every frame. Its terrible.