n00b needs some help

I just downloaded the demo version of tbs, I’m 100% new to all this animation stuff , I’m trying to understand how the whole program works and my english sucks. ::slight_smile:

Here’s the first of propably many questions to come.

I’m trying to add a sound but it won’t play. The only thing I see is a bunch of numbers (1 to 16) in the exposure sheet. I also saw that we could synchronize everysingle letter with a different lips position. But that’s not what I wanna do. I just want my sound to start at a certain moment and stop at another…

Any help would be appreciated…

Your english seems fine to me! Well you wont hear the sound as you play the animation in tbs, you have to export it, then ull hear. Where number 1 is, thats where the sound will start and where the last number is is where it will stop. Hope that helps,


There is also an option to have sound during playback without exporting: at the bottom of the “play” menu is “turn sound playback on”.