n00b help with kick-start tutorial

So I’m very new to the animation world and I was working my way through the kick-start tutorial in Animate when I got stuck on a part that should be ridiculously easy but I cannot seem to figure out what I’m doing wrong.

In drawing butterfly wings, the video shows the drawing of ellipses and then a line that you convert into brush strokes and then clicks the paint tool and fills in the area between the brush line and the edge of the wings with color. I cannot for the life of me get the program to fill in that area with color. What am I doing wrong? ???

it is probably a setting in your paint tool.

You tool is probably set to paint unpainted and you want to change it to paint or repaint. You can find it in the tools property tab when you have the paint tool open.

edit: cause i couldn’t spell paint :-\

Okay, that is a step forward, thank you. It is now painting the entire box instead of the section from the line to the edge.

when filling in a gap thats already painted you can use the select tool and select the filled in color and delete it then color it something diffrent