mysterious cross-hairs

I’m building a character template. I’ve already drawn and built all the body parts, made each one a symbol, and brought them all back into the main timeline to build the template.
On the right hand, I have ten different hand shapes and when I scroll through the alternate shapes one of them appears in the wrong place - about two inches away from the others. When I open up the timeline for the right-hand symbol, each hand shape appears in the same place, as it should, but the light blue cross-hairs that appear in each symbol view move about two inches in another direction on the one frame where the troublesome hand-shape appears.
It’s as if the position in the camera view that the symbol is imported to is dictated by the position of those cross-hairs, but I can’t find a way to select them or change them, so I’ve no idea how they got moved in the first place. to make it more baffling, they move about in some of the other symbols but in those ones it DOESN’T affect the position in the main timeline.
What the hell are those crosshairs in the camera view of each symbol, and how do I move them? (you can see them much more clearly in the render view).

It would be better to see the scene to see the cuases but it looks like the element was off set somehow. If it was offset with transform tool, you can reset it using ‘reset all transform’ tool from tool bar menu. If the drawing was moved, you can use ‘reposition all drawings’ option in Drawing view (not camera view) to reset all drawing position by moving it. Lastly, check the (drawing) pivot is changed. Then reset it manually.

Thanks for that. I just reset every pivot point I could find and that did the trick. The blue cross-hairs in the camera view of each symbol it seems refer to the pivot point acting on each cell of the symbol in the main timeline, as opposed to the pivot point in each cell of the symbol itself… some conflict between the two was causing the rogue hand to move about.