My Workspace

Here’s a recent pic of where I work. The Cintiq on the right is resting on my homemade light table with a slanted top. It would be nice to see other people’s setup. I’m always interested in seeing how other people work and arrange their work area.

Lots of natural light is good!

I like the book solution for the screen. I used a box but covered in some fabric

Some day I will purchase an actual monitor stand–LOL! That will look a lot better, at least until I start stashing junk underneath it!

here is ours

Nice! How many people work there? Looks like 3 or 4.

You do the bull thingy right? I can’t remember the name! How is that going if it was you!

James, can you post a photo of your workspace? That would be interesting!

I think you will be disappointed lol.

Nevah! (Never!)