My Wish List


I will use this thread to write my wish list :

1.align and spacing like Adobe Illustrator pivot to element (like you did on storyboard pro) to stage but also center to camera view
4.Nail module. I mean a button similar to what you got in the inverse kinematic but for pegs and deformers so we can finally nail a foot to the ground without changing the deformer chain.
5.Please please resolve the transparency issue when importing form AI*.
6.Support effect when importing FLA *
7.When grouping elements have an option to double click on a group and then enter the group like a symbol (like in Adobe flash and illustrator)
8.Add a round corner option like in Adobe Illustrator. select the corners and drag an handle to create curves from sharp corners.
9.ctrl+shift+v ,paste in place (without the need of pressing the down and side arrows)
10.Support text/font/formatting export from illstrator (so you will not need to expand the the text in illustrator before exporting and you will be able to edit the text when you import to TBH)
11.It will be amazing if I could choose a drawing element and right click on it and have an option to “choose all colors from selection and go to tint panel” will save so much time !

I will updated when I will think of more…

Thank you !


(Harmony is amazing!)