my wish list

I have a few items that i’ll add to this thread. Just things that nag me as I use Harmony or things I think could use a nip-and-tuck here and there :slight_smile:

-mesh warp ease on the functions on the mesh. even if all the mesh points are lumped into a single function (After Effects does it this way), i would be happy.
-some means of resetting the mesh if you’ve gone and goofed it up and forget to set a key on it.
-an easy way to export/import all your custom keyboard shortcuts and prefs. could go a long way to the freelancer who moves from machine to machine and sometimes between Win and Mac OS.

I’ll add more as I think of them. Cheers!

Hi, I actually came on just now to specifically look whether I was imagining this as a function that once existed and now is taken out or if it’s merely a setting in the preferences that I couldn’t find and enable. My problem is just the same as Frank’s; when I’m creating layers I want to name them appropriately, ie: “R Eye” “L Eye” “R Ear” “L Ear”, etc, but currently Harmony doesn’t put in the spacebar key when typing in layer names. I can go back in manually and add in the space, but I guess for programming reasons Harmony can’t have an empty character (space) in the name and so it just replaces the space with an underscore _. To save time it’d be nice to just have Harmony automatically add in the underscore whenever you type the spacebar.

Something like a preference suitcase that automatically fills and allows you to manually place things inside, take with you and install would be great.

If you know where to look you can duplicate and replace folder content. I did this with custom brushes once I could access the folder hierarchy using recovery software when a hard drive crashed. It sounds like you already were aware of this.

Yeah you could dig into the prefs folder and copy that stuff around. I personally find it easier to do on Windows than on Mac, but that could really just be my unfamiliarity. A little import/export option in the Preferences settings would be nice :slight_smile:


Indeed easy export for Preferences, Layouts, and custom Scripts is a great suggestion.

Mesh Warp enhancements as well.

I make sure to share these requests with our development team.

Your feedback is important to us! :smiley:

Thank you!


Ooo! This one was a HUGE plus when it was added in 11 (I think?), but mysteriously has disappeared in 12 and is missing in 14 as well. The space bar adds an underscore automatically when adding a drawing layer from either the timeline or the Node view. The auto-underscore still works when re-naming a layer form either the Layer Properties of form the Timeline, but this was one of those little things that was a tiny-yet-big help while creating lots of layers at a single time, etc.

Hi Frank,

I am not sure I follow you. When creating a new layer, you cannot write a space at all, therefore there is no replacement for the underscore.
Is this what you are referring to?



In version 11 (I believe), hitting the space bar when creating a new layer added an underscore automatically. You can still manually add an underscore as usual. The auto-underscore feature only seems to be missing when you are adding a new layer. Re-naming from the timeline or from layer properties has the auto-underscore. I really liked that the auto-underscore was in the Add Drawing Layer box in Harmony 11, and noticed its absence in a later version. Hope that makes sense!

(Excuse me if I am wrong) I think what Frank is referring to shows something that is generally inconsistent with the software.

Spaces are not allowed but sometimes you have to manually type the underscore and sometimes an underscore is automatically filled in when you hit the spacebar. This in effect creates an unnecessary hiccup when working if you forget. You would not have to deal with the resulting error and then correct it if everything simply automatically filled in the underscore wherever a space was typed…where spaces are not allowed.

^^this. thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you for the clarifications! :slight_smile:


So this is one that recently just came to my attention, despite its from earlier this year. Apparently Apple has decided to stop supporting Quicktime on Windows. I often export out of Harmony using a .mov file with Cineform that I then assemble in my edit in Premiere.

I do not believe there is a means of exporting a movie file out of Harmony other than using Quicktime. Support for AVI would be appreciated as QT is now suggested to be removed from Windows systems.


Another on-going issue that continues to cause confusion is that the Cutter Node will leave an outline when one element is being masked by another element of the same size. The Cutter Node should cleanly mask the element in this case without the need to use a Matte Resize.

Hi Frank,

This is more of an antialiasing issue in general, not really linked to Harmony.

I explained a bit more about it here:

It could be interesting to see what could be done about it.

Thanks for your feedback,


I want to re-iterate how badly I feel the Mesh Warp needs to be able to add ease to its deformation. Anytime I use a Mesh Warp in conjunction with a character, the warp always falls off and I have to start wrangling it which generally leads to a less-than-desired results. For example, I have a character with a map up in her hands. The map is bunched up using a mesh warp. As she opens the map with her arms, everything has ease on it, except the map unfolding. The map pops out of her hands. This is the most recent example, but this is certainly not the first time this type of scenario has played out.

it seems that Adobe is moving more towards .svg support when moving vectors between its programs. perhaps Toon Boom should also implement the import/export of .svg images as well?

Publishing Deformation Composite attributes (chain selector) to the Parent Groups locks up the timeline. key frames cannot be copied, pasted, or moved. i would assume this is because a Deformation Composite does not normally appear in the timeline and so perhaps the software doesn’t know how to respond. I tried this with a few bones in the deform groups, and the same thing happened. It works as intended with element layers. Still Publishing to the Parent Groups is a handy way to push commonly-used yet deeply-nested functions to the top.


Wanted to hopefully once again give a nudge for Mesh Warp getting an update with ease added to the warp parameter. Even if all the mesh point values are crunched down to a single function that would great.

Today, I once again had an excellent chance to use the Mesh Warp on a piece of fabric (a bitmap image) coming to a rest, and the Mesh gave a great result EXCEPT the lack of ease made it appear far too linear. I used Free Form Deformation instead and the results were still good…but the Mesh Warp would have nailed it in this instance.

That’s all. Thanks again, guys!