My wacom intuos 3's side switch (eraser) won't work correctly.

Sorry for multiple posts.
I am using Animate pro 2. Problem is, as my topic title said,I am using wacom intuos 3 pen tablet, but side switch won’t work correctly. I assigned “intuos’s eraser” to side switch but when I push the button, it not only switches to eraser tool but also does erase. It’s not right. When I paint in photoshop and push the side switch to use eraser tool, it just switches to eraser tool, but never erase at the same time, after switching to eraser tool , photoshop wait my pen stroke, and if I stroke, it does erase, but animate pro won’t wait my stroke, when I push the side switch, it starts to erase even though my pen tip does not touch my tablet.

I reinstalled pen tablet driver and deleted animate preference files, but side switch won’t work correctly. I also tried to use my intuos in other PC but it won’t work. So I assigned “e” key(default shortcut key for eraser tool) to the side switch and push the button but it does the same thing "intuos’s eraser " does. But tail switch works correctly. I assigned eraser tool to tail switch and it works correctly.

My tablet is not broken, because I bought it 1 week ago.Animate pro does not support intuos 3? Please help me.

Keep in mind that pressing and hold the shortcut in Animate Pro will give you a temporary access to that tool without actually changing the tool (Alt + shortcut). But it looks like that some keys are hard coded in the program that can not be replaceable. Maybe you want try to remove the eraser tool shortcut from preferences>shortcuts>drawing category and then close Animate Pro to see if it works.

I delete the eraser tool shortcut, but it won’t work.

My situation is like this.
You see the tiny eraser lines, which come up when I push side switch even though I don’t touch my tablet with my wacom pen. This is so annoying, because it acts as an eraser tool and erases my drawings like end of this youtube clip.