My Very First Animation

I played around with a few different pieces of software but nothing as simple as Toon Boom.

I purchased a series of characters and used one of them to create a simple animation… Still have a long way to go…

Here is the YouTube Link


Looks fine to me. Comes across as a “test” rather than what I would call an “Animation”. However, the figure’s gesticulations and mouth changes look fine. I think a simple improvement would be to add a background a more complicated improvement would be to improve the sound, as you probably aware, there’s a lot of “noise” in it.

I look forward to the next one.

Where did you buy your character?

Bob I love that site.

The next step is to play around with the cameras and like you said, add a background. Also, I think I can zoom in quite a bit… Add some eye blinks, etc…

The noise you are hearing is road noise… the guy that made the original video is a delivery driver and made up a crazy video of himself (fonr his cell phone) talking about my site… He has made several which are a big hit in our skype chat room so I decided to add a little extra flavor to this particular one…

Thanks for the input !!

I thought it was a justin cook creation, but i looked on cartoonsmart and couldn’t see it!

I agree very much on it coming accross as a test. It was looking like you trying to see what you could do.

I also get the test feeling. But its a good start, you should try building your own characters too, i find once i get going im fine drawing my own character, just getting started is hard lol.

bring on the next one.

Correct - It says this on the page I got them from

This template was created by Justin Cook, you can find more of his professional work at his own site Justin will always welcome freelance illustration or animation requests, and is open to co-ownership projects for mobile app development.

It was under the toon boom section and scrolling all the way down to the zombie bods…


The link for the character’s set is

Seems to be a group of office characters too. Unlike the Zombie characters they are also sold seperately.

I’m very tempted to get a set they look like a lot of fun to fool around with. I’ve not used cut-outs for a while and I’ve neverr used the “kinetic” thing. Might make a movie and find out.

This thread has been extremely informative for me.


“kinetic thing” - what are you talking about it? I have no idea but it sounds interesting.

Hi James

Sorry to get your hopes up only to dash them It’s just my poor use of english. What I was referring to is the bone rigging, forward kinematics, inverse kinematics and reated areas of functionality.