My Tutorial on improving workflow with masks

Just uploaded it onto youtube at

It does teach you how to use masks but it more about the workflow and tips on to make them as easy to use as possible. If you have ever been frustrated by not being able to see the mask while working on it watch this :slight_smile:

PS the one on Rain will come eventually I just did this one for the meantime.

nice work flow for working with masks. the clone layer trick is pretty genius. this makes working with masks a little easier. thank you for sharing!

Glad you liked it ;D

For me those 2 tips make them so much easier to work with.

You know what… that makes a few things I was trying to do, with shading, much easier. I was trying to do tints or drawing the shaded areas (manually), and trying to fade that, and I didn’t desire the results. I think this approach is much better. :smiley:

that’s hot. I’ve been trying to do something like that, forever. You gave me a good idea.

Do share the good idea :smiley: